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In 1959, a Chinese player, Rong Guotuan, won the Men’s single on the 26th Table Tennis World Championship. That was the first world champion in the history of Chinese sport. Since that victory, China started its domination on this area of sport. Until now, Chinese players have won 169.5 champions on world-class events, including World.

Over the years, pool games have evolved to a more professional and comprehensive game with diverse forms, rules and techniques. Also, they have extended beyond the coasts of Northern Europe, France and China who were formally the homes and origin of Pool Games.

Till this Present age, Pool games have found their ways to be one of the most lucrative indoor and outdoor games. In 2017, The US Open was rated the 7th richest game in the world with a net worth of $50.4 million. Both winners of the US Open in 2017, Raphael Nadal (men’s) and Sloane Stephens (women’s) banked a whooping sum of $3.7 million each.

In this article, I’ll be writing on the rules and guide to follow in purchasing and setting up an indoor pool game. It is very important to understand the guidelines, specifications, cost, play styles and user experience involved in setting up an indoor or outdoor pool game.

Although, table tennis tables are not only for home purposes but can also be used in sport centres, recreation resorts etc.










Pool table slates comes in different thickness:

¾", ⅞" and 1".

However, its is very advisable to purchase a pool table of 1 slate because it is very precise and durable. It also offers an improved and professional service unlike ¾ and ⅞ inches that are less accurate and low satisfactory, though they are at cheaper rates.


It is very necessary and important to consider the Frame of a pool table before purchase because it lays the foundation of the structure and all other parts are attached to it. The best and most durable kinds of frames are those made of solid natural wood.


Contemporary pool table cloth/felt are usually made from a wool and nylon blend that's been coated in Teflon. During purchase, to determine the durability of the felt, you are advised to consider the ounce weight per yard. The advisable and endorsed dimension is in between 18 and 22 ounces per yard.


The perfect and suitable rails are constructed with wood because wood rails produce the exact and expert bounce. Also, the rails have to be tightly and firmly attached to the cushions so as to yield the best response. However, the official and standard quality of cushions is the K-66 BCA.


The most essential criteria to look out for in pockets while purchasing, is the material. Presently, there are 3 major types of materials used in pockets:

leather, plastic and rubber pockets.

These materials have their individual speculations. Leather pockets are preferred in residential pool tables, plastic pockets are common among poor tables because of their low cost and rubber pockets are usually used in commercial pool tables.


It's very important to take a careful look at the legs of a pool table before purchase because the legs are the bearers of the weight of the whole table. It is advised to go for tables with legs manufactured from solid wood. At times, players choose to lean and press their body weight on the table, this is another reason why the legs should be perfect and capable.

I hope by now, you have clearly understood the importance of getting basic information about pool tables before purchasing one so as to make the right choice.